Ryu Soo Young unveils his character transformation for his upcoming drama “Endless Love”


Actor takes the lead role for the new weekend drama “” which will premiere on June 21. The drama depicts a story of dreams and love set in the 1980s. The actor will be joined in by Hwang Jung Eum and Jung Kyung Ho as part of the main cast.

Ryu Soo Young recently bid his farewell in the MBC’s reality show “Real Men” where he admitted contributed much to his character for his new drama. Though he developed an affirmative and strong personality through the reality show, Ryu Soo Young transforms to a cruel, ambitious yet charismatic and cool character which he’ll portray in “Endless Love” as Han Gwang Hoon.

In the photos released, a sneak peek of Ryu Soo Young’s character has been unveiled. Costumed in a military uniform while he undergoes training as a soldier, in a sludgy land and mountains, Ryu Soo Young reveals his much fiercer and stronger character which is very much anticipated.

The production team of the drama commented, “Ryu Soo Young could actually make you feel the warmth of the drama and he captivates the interests of the viewers. He is capable of portraying Han Gwang Hoon and we, in the team, really want to bring out Han Gwang Hoon’s dynamic character and Ryu Soo Young did reveal the true value of his character.”

They added, “After a long break from work, we promise to bring out a distinctive new character from Ryu Soo Young. We will work hard for this drama. There are more to expect from Ryu Soo Young so please look forward to it.”

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