Se7en & Park Han Byul Explains About Their Break Up Rumor “We Are Still Together”

Singer and actress explained about their break up rumor.

Se7en joined the military in March 19th, and will be away for 21 months.

During his last interview before the army, to the question, “Any last messages from your girlfriend, Park Han Byul?”, he answered, “She has a shooting overseas, so we couldn’t say goodbye.” The interviewer once again asked, “How do you think she’ll wait for you?” Se7en replied, “It’s up to her.”

After the interview, there has been a rumor of their break up. However, Se7en’s staff explained, “There have been a rumor of Se7en and Park Han Byul’s break up. That’s not true. They are still together. Right before Se7en left, Park Han Byul was already overseas for a shooting, so she couldn’t see his short hair. And it’s true they couldn’t meet that often because they were both too busy with work.”

Se7en and Park Han Byul started dating in 2002, and made it official in 2009.

Source: Newsen

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