Se7en & Sang Chu Gets Caught for Entering Illegal Massage Parlors During Their Military Service

A popular K-pop star , and the rapper of Mighty Mouth, , got caught by reporters for entering illegal massage parlors during their military service.

In South Korea, every healthy man including celebrities have to serve in the army for two years. Some celebrities choose to serve as celebrity soldiers. However, none of the soldiers are allowed to be deserted during their military service.

After performing an event , , Se7en, Sang Chu, , etc went to a motel at Choonchun to stay a night.  At around 10pm, they were caught on camera going to a restaurant to eat barbeque and drink alcohol. They left for their motel around 11:30pm and were caught for holding their cell phones, which is illegal because it is not allowed for every soldier serving in the army to carry a cell phone.

Around 2am, Se7en and Sang Chu were spotted going to an illegal massage parlor near the motel. After around 10 minutes later, they came out and moved to a different massage parlor. The two came out half an hour later, and the reporters immediately approached them for an interview. Se7en snatched the mic and twisted the arm of one of the reporters. He also attacked the cameraman.

The reporter asked, “You just came out of a massage parlor, didn’t you? It’s 4am, and you are here to perform as a soldier, but you were just at a massage parlor. Can you explain this?” Se7en tried to snatch and break the camera, but failed. Sang Chu answered, “We didn’t commit any crime. We didn’t do anything illegal.”

The reporter asked, “Do you usually drink alcohol and go to massage parlors during the military service?” Sang Chu replied, “We didn’t drink alcohol at all. We should talk later.” Se7en remained silent. The two grabbed a taxi and went back to the motel.

The reporter went to the massage parlor they just came out from and asked about the two men who just left. On the side, there was a sign caught on camera written, ‘Restricted area for under the age of 19′. The receptionist revealed, “They asked for a ‘service’ from ladies. As I told them it was full at the moment, they waited for a while, drank water, eventually got their 170,000 won(approximately $147 USD) refunded, and left.” The receptionist also added, “No one comes here just for a massage. They all come for what you’re thinking.”

In the morning, all the celebrity soldiers at the motel secretly escaped by a personal van instead of their arranged bus. The reporters went to the Military of National Defense for an interview. Their excuses for going to massage parlors were thin. The Ministry of Natinal Defense said, “One of them has a bad back and knee. He had a performance that night and felt sore, so he went there to be treated.” The reporter asked, “Then what about the other one who didn’t perform that night? Why did he go too?” They could not answer.

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