Secret Episode 4 Review: Bae Soo Bin & Hwang Jung Eum Meet Again in Prison

In , episode 4, An Do Hoon(played by ) and Kwang Yoo Jung(played by 0 met again in prison.

Previously, Yoo Jung was sent to prison for her fiance, Do Hoon, for killing a person after hitting with a car. Then she found out she was pregnant, and gave birth to a son in prison. Do Hoon always felt guilty about this.

One day, Do Hoon visited Yoo Jung’s prison for a voluntary work. They met during lunch time, when Do Hoon was handing out food for each of the prisoners. The two looked at each other heartrendingly, and when it was Yoo Jung’s turn, they secretly felt each other’s fingers under the bowl. Do Hoon also looked at his son behind Yoo Jung’s back for the first time.

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