Secret’s Take On Bullying and Rivalry With Sistar? An Interview

Secret Group

“They say that ‘a woman’s transformation is not a crime’. We want to shed our cute images and seduce the world.”

The cute girls-next-door are back – as a femme fatale. has released their 3rd mini-album ‘POISON’ after a long hiatus from music industry. Their comeback marks the end of the year-long hiatus after their ‘Love is MOVE’.

“It’s good to see you again! We have finally returned! (laughs)”

The girls are all smiles. One would think that a comeback after such a long hiatus would have been rather difficult and burdensome, but the worries served no purpose at all. The girls even seemed more energetic than ever; apparently their yearlong absence was a rest-and-recharge time for the girls.

“We certainly worried that we would ‘just disappear like that’ during the first months of our hiatus. But I think the time gave us the opportunity to reflect on our journey so far. We could reflect back to our start and reorganize and reconfirm our dreams.” (Jieun)

“We could work on what we lacked during our hiatus. We tried to upgrade the Secret in every way. We could find peace and reassurance after we progressed.” (Zinger)

Before we got to the details, we asked about their oft-compared ‘rival’, . With the name Secret, automatically is mentioned as well. Secret’s hiatus was the time when became one of the top runners of the girl group world.

“Maybe it’s because of our similarities in the number of members, we tend to get compared a lot. SISTAR is a healthy and curvy group, and hence their color is rather different from us. Rivalries are important, but I think that what we have to keep in mind the most is to ‘return the faith to our fans, who waited a long time for us’. We should show them that Secret has been preparing a lot for them. If that is possible, wouldn’t it lead to a great competition?” (Hyosung)

“If SISTAR symbolizes the color black, I think we would be the white. Even our skin is like that, isn’t it? (laughs) I think we seem quite alike, but I think that we are different in many ways.”

We have also asked for their thoughts about ‘bullying in girl groups’. Didn’t Secret also have difficult times?

“We honestly didn’t knew that the incident would have become so big at first. Girl groups are actually quite impossible to get along without a fight sometimes. Each members have their own complaints. What we think that is important is to understand and solve that issue well. Something that we are different from other girl groups is that all four of us still sleep in the same room. We have more time to hear each others’ complaints and opinions. All of us also went through a long and difficult trainee days, so we look after and understand each other well.” (Hyosung, Zinger)

“This album finally lifted off our ban on cell phones. Looking back now, having no cell phones in the beginning was a really good thing. We talked more without cell phones, and we naturally got closer.” (Jieun)

Secret’s latest album has a concept of ‘Sexy Spy’. Everything about their stage, from their costume to their vocals, are unprecedented. Their album cover features them wearing a tight and low red dress, a costume that symbolizes this album quite well.

“We really tried our best in this album. We wanted to show Secret in a mature way. Our eyes, vocals, expressions, choreography, costumes, appearances… we tried our best to become more mature in every way” (Hyosung, Zinger)

Their choreography also reflects their sexiness. Their fellow staffs of their company, who has seen countless days of their everyday shabbiness, have also voiced their shock at their change.

“Our performance will be our sexiest yet. There are lots of movement of our hips. We did our best to make even small gestures tempting and seductive.”

Secret’s aim of their comeback is quite bold. The old heroes of the ‘Girl Group War’ has thrown their challenge to the music world.

“The album and the title are named ‘POISON’. Our senior, Uhm Jung-hwa, swept the scene with her 1998 song ‘Poison’. While we may have different songs, we want to bring out the color of ‘Secret’s POISON’ on this autumn.”

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