Seo In Guk, Lee Ha Na and Lee Soo Hyuk’s real love battle begin in “High Schooler King of Life”


On the 11th episode of “High Schooler King of Life” Min Seok (Seo In Guk) and Soo Young (Lee Ha Na) part ways as they Seo In Guk’s identity gets revealed.

Soo Young was all in confusion when she discovered Min Seok’s true identity. She showed up in the school where her sister Yoo Ah (Lee Yeol Eum) was studying and not knowingly, Min Seok was also there. Soo Young was shocked and recalled something about ‘Hubby Lee’ her sister was referring to.

Min Seok ran to Soo Young and wanted to explain everything. As they sat down by the bench, he cleared up everything and honestly confide about his feelings. He said, “Sure, everything is fake. My name, my age… they’re all fake. But Secretary Jung, Popcorn Sister, Neighbor, Jung Soo-young, my feelings for you are real. You know, right?”. Soo Young was still shocked and even more when he confirmed Min Seok was just eighteen. She was confused why he asked her out but Min Seok simply answered that it was all because he really liked her.

Soo Young was more stressed and full of anguish knowing that she and her sister Yoo Ah liked the same guy and that all started their argument. Yoo Ah said, “Do you really think that you and Min Seok will work out together? He’s my age, a highschooler, eighteen!” Yoo Ah was upset and even told Soo Young that she was like a grandmother to Min Seok and told her to get lost. Yoo Ah picked up a pillow and started a pillow fight with her sister.

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In that situation, Jin Woo (Soo Hyuk) had a chance to take Min Seok’s place in Soo Young’s heart. He made a compact with Yoo Ah as she kept him updated about her sister. Meanwhile, Min Seok’s personal issues have affected him in his job in the company putting everybody in a compromised situation.

Soo Young chose to be distant to Min Seok for her sister’s, Yoo Ah, sake. She was convinced that family is much more important than what she feels. This situation, however, is an advantage for Jin Woo in the real love battle between him and Min Seok.

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