Seo In Guk pulls off his charms in 12 different looks for “High Schooler King of Life”


drama “” lead actor showed off his charms and alluring looks in 12 different expressions from the photos that have been released.

Seo In Guk portrays as Lee Min Seok, a high school student with a perky and jolly personality who lives his life in carefree. But his life has turned the other way around when he was called up to work for their company as a director in replace of his older brother.

In the recent episodes of “High Schooler King of Life”, Seo In Guk enticed the viewers with his charms and jolly character as a young director of the company. In the photos been released, the actor wears a formal suit which also compliments his figure and attractive looks. According to the netizens and viewers, Seo In Guk always carries his incomparable charisma whatever expression he does. More importantly, he also delivers the character quite well.

Seo In Guk’s agency commented, “Seo In Guk’s schedule has always been tough and hectic but he never forgets to bring a bright and happy atmosphere in the set. He always shows his energetic side along with the staff and brings laughter to everybody. He’s a very funny person and gets along with everybody very well. He’s very true to himself and I guess this why more and more people get to love him.”

Do you love his new drama? Stay tuned for more exciting episodes on “High Schooler King of Life” every Monday and Tuesday at 10PM on tvN.

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