Seo In Guk sings “The Way Back” as the OST for the drama “High Schooler King of Life”


’s beautiful voice will be heard from the drama’s “The Way Back”.

On July 21, the OST for the drama “” was released. The OST was performed by the drama’s lead actor, Seo In Guk.

“The Way Back” was written by d.ear who also participated in the music production of 2AM’s song “Just Stay”.

The song “The Way Back” is a romantic ballad that expresses the love and emotions between Min Seok and Soo Young. The song shows the affection between our lead characters and the fear of losing their love to each other.

Seo In Guk’s beautiful and soothing voice compliments well with the warm melody of the instruments played in the song.

Listen to Seo In Guk’s “The Way Back” below!

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