Seo In Guk surprises Lee Ha Na with a sweet kiss in “High Schooler King of Life”


On July 28, the 13th episode of “” aired and ’s kiss scene on the horizontal bars.

Min Seok received a call from Soo Young telling him that she wanted him to go out and meet her at the park. Then Soo Young said, “I thought it was impossible, but I did it.”

Soo Young had been practicing how to flip on the horizontal poles because she remembered how she couldn’t do it because of a shoulder accident, as she mentioned. Due to that accident, she had a big trauma on poles.

But then, as Min Seok showed up in the park, Soo Young showed him how she could flip on poles. Because of the long practice she had been doing, she was not able to pick up calls from Min Seok, eat lunch with him and go home together with him.

As Soo Young showed another flip on the pole, Min Seok came up to her and surprised her with a sweet kiss. Soo Young held back and was stunned but Min Seok kissed her once more.

Viewers and netizens shared various reactions toward the kiss scene. Many have said how cute Seo In Guk and Lee Ha Na were.

If you haven’t seen their kiss scene, you may want to check the link below.

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