Shark Episode 5 Review: Kim Nam Gil & Son Ye Jin Kiss Under the Eaves

In , episode 5, Han Yi Soo(played by ) and Jo Hae Woo(played by Son Ye Jin) kissed under the eaves on a rainy day.

Yi Soo and Hae Woo had a drink together and opened up to each other for the first time. She confessed that she was given a difficult task to solve, and Yi Soo comforted her and gave advice.

When they came out of the restaurant, it was raining. Yi Soo said to Hae Woo, “If things are tough for you, just run away. All you have to do is to just run away when you’re weary. Run with all your strength.” Hae Woo replied, “You’re right. I’ll be back after I become big enough.”

Yi Soo was about to leave, but soon he walked back to Hae Woo and suddenly kissed her.

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