Shinhwa’s Eric, Jun Jin and Shin Hye Sung are on a Diet

Wanting to stay fit and healthy, the members revealed that they are currently on a nutritious diet.

In September, photos of , , and Shin Hye Sung with their low-calorie lunch boxes were posted on Calory Box’s website, revealing what each member ate while on their diets.

Most of their food items were revealed to be fruits and vegetables, sometime chicken breast and even omelettes.

In the photos, Eric, Jun Jin and Shin Hye Sung posed for the camera with their lunch boxes. Shin Hye Sung, especially held up his name tag with his real name, ‘Jung Pil Gyo’ written on it. The staff at Calory Box wrote out his real name to try and hide his identity.

After seeing the photos, netizens commented, “Jung Pil Gyo stands out as much as Shin Hye Sung,” “Why are they even on diets in the first place?” and “It’s good to see them taking care of themselves.”

Calory Box delivers low-calorie diet lunch boxes. ′s and were also featured on its website.

Photo Credit: Calory Box (Star News)

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