SISTAR member Dasom stays positive despite the criticisms she receives in acting for “Melody of Love”


On June 11, member shared her thoughts about her portrayal in her recently ended drama “” in an interview with Star News. She shared how overwhelmed she was in taking the project and how she portrayed a role as an actress this time.

Dasom played as Kong Deul-im in the drama “Melody of Love” who aspired to be a musical actress. The drama aired in November last year and ended on June 6 this year. She confessed that the drama project had been a big challenge for her.

Dasom shared, “People think of me as an idol so some really threw their criticisms on me when I acted in the drama. It was actually a burden to me at that time.” She added, “But then, I take those criticisms positively to improve my performance.”

Dasom also talked about how she evaluates herself and said, “I sometimes watch my performance in the monitor whenever we film. But I didn’t think how I could improve well. Just then, I realized that I should’ve done something much better. I somehow felt some regrets.”

She added, “I liked how I acted in the drama but I really want to enhance my skills. And I do not know how people really thought of my performance. In fact, I cannot please everybody and make them love me. I really want to know what they think of me so that I’ll know what to do.”

Finally she said, “Melody of Love is one of my first acting projects and I admit that it’s been a challenge to me.”

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  • yamakita

    This drama really tests one’s devotion of their idol. I started liking Dasom and Sistar because of her appearance on Happy Together with Henry so I was happy to watch her drama. The drama really drew me in at first, as all Korean rom-coms do, with the storyline that emphasized on the _comedy_ and the romance. But as all Korean rom-coms do, it started to trap you with the drama part, and in my opinion it was not well-executed in this case (versus, say, Hundred Year Bride, though not really apple to apple comparison). I blame the writer first and foremost because she didn’t give the actors good material to work with. In the end, Dasom was left with constant crying and looking dumb-founded all the time.

    I still have a favorable view of Dasom and am looking forward to the next Sistar comeback, but I’ll be super picky about what K-drama I decide to follow.