So Ji Sub in Master’s Sun falls in love with a mirror

Actor attracted the attention of the public with his engrossing in a mirror in the drama set.
In SBS’ Wednesday-Thursday TV series Master’s Sun (written by Hong Jeong Eun · Hong Mi Ran, directed by Jin Hyeok, producted by Bon Factory), the-35-year-old actor became the “charming king“ of the small screen is starring as Joo Joong Won who is a charismatic “chaebol” along with his abrasive style but sometimes very romantic.
Giving himself up to the role as much as he could in the drama, So is constantly looking into a mirror before the shoot or during recess. His behavior drawing attention has a reason. Before filming, the actor checks the condition of his make-up and hair style and psyches himself up to fully concentrate on his role in the tension of shooting. Despite of hectic schedule and filming day and night, the great actor takes care of himself before the shoot as he looks at himself in the mirror for the lead role required a lot of detail and an output of extreme emotions.
He carries a hand mirror at all times to practice natural facial expressions for Joo Joong Won as well as looks at himself to check his outfit in front of a full-length mirror. The hard-working actor outside the drama is substantially different from the arrogant and irritable rich man.
The 14th episode of SBS’ Wednesday-Thursday drama Master’s Sun featuring So Ji Sub will be aired at 10:00 p.m. on September 25.

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