Song Seung Hun portrays a challenging role with his new movie “Obsessed”


Actor is one of the hottest male actors in Korea. At the age of 37, the actor seems to maintain his charismatic image and muscular physique which titled him as one of the ageless men in Korea.

Song Seung Hun has embarked excellency in acting in has various dramas portraying different characters especially in melodrama and romantic genre. But this year, he’ll be taking the lead role in Kim Tae Woo’s movie . Song Seung Hun’s merely known as one of the timid actors in the Korean industry but he’ll be taking another turning point in his acting in the new movie, showing his passion, as he portrays more revealing and seductive side.


He shared, “For me, it’s actually my first time to have this kind of project wherein I’ll be in a complicated situation, cheating my wife. There will also be a bed scene which I really prepared for. I believe that this movie is the ‘real’ grown-up project. I’ve done various projects but the roles given to me were more of as the ‘good guy’ or sometimes comical dramas. But I guess, that’s what should it be. As we, actors, grow up, we’ve got to show something beyond the people’s expectations.”

Obsessed is set in 1969 amidst the Vietnam War. I’d play as Colonel Kim Jin Pyeong who’ll be bound in a forbidden love with Jong Ga Heun (Lim Ji Yeon). Colonel Jin Pyeong fulfils his ambition with his wife, Lee Sook Jin () and Kyung Woo Jin () will be one of his men. The setting itself is really exceptional which could absolutely draw the viewers interest. Moreover, director and screenwriter Kim Tae Woo directed and wrote such movies ‘The Servant’ and ‘The Forbidden Quest’ which were delicate yet soft plots and were also a hit. This movie will be great comeback for him.”


Actor Song Seung Hun’s acting skills will be challenged again as he takes more revealing scenes such as bed scenes and shower scenes with Lim Ji Yeon. But the actor said that he entrusted the director with everything and believes with every suggestion or advice he gives.

Obsessed will be in released on May 15.

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  • cywrite

    Congratulations on “pushing the envelop” to mature roles. Break a leg.