Song Yoon Ah feels nervous for the premiere of her new drama “Mama”


In an interview with , the actress admitted that she feels nervous for the premiere of her new drama “” which will be aired on .

Song Yoon Ah was visited in the set of “Mama” while she and the rest of the staff were enjoying their meals. She said, “The delicious food and the warm summer allow us to have a good time while filming. I thank all the staff and the director for making us feel comfortable. I promise to work hard.”

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When she was asked what she feels now that her drama “Mama” is soon to be premiered, she said, “Mama will premiere on August 2. When I thought that our drama is soon to premiere, I felt nervous and a bit anxious. I kept on thinking ‘Will it go well on the first broadcast?’ It feels like I am going to meet everyone on air. Well, despite the worries, I really hope that it will go well even after a month.”

Song Yoon Ah makes her comeback in the drama after six years. Her last drama was “On Air” which aired in 2008 on SBS.


“Mama” is about a mother raising her son by herself. Later on, she discovers that she’s terminally ill and doesn’t have much time left to live. Being worried of what her son’s life will be after she dies, she goes back to her ex-boyfriend, who is married, and asks him to accept their son to his family.

“Mama” will premiere on August 2 on MBC taking the time slot of the recently ended drama “Hotel King”.

Are you excited for this new drama? Check out the teaser below.

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