Sweet Springs Episode 39 Review: Yoo Gun Tells Lee Hae In “Park Se Young is Different”

In , episode 39, Han Jae Sung(played by ) told Lee Ye Rin(played by ) that his feelings for Choi Se Young(played by ) was different from his feelings for her.

Jae Sung asked Ye Rin questions about the anchor exam to help Se Young. Ye Rin then said, “Why are you nice to everyone else but mean to me? You’re giving me false hope. I feel like if I try a little bit more, I might be able to reach you.” Jae Sung was surprised and answered, “I’m not giving you false hope. You’re like a little sister to me. That’s why I’m being nice. Sorry if I’ve confused you.”

Ye Rin asked, “Then why are you nice to Choi Se Young?” Jae Sung replied, “She’s different from you.”

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