Sweet Springs Episode 42 Review: Shim Hye Jin Tells Lee Hae In to Apologize to Lee Ki Young

In , episode 42, Kim Joo Hee(played by ) told Lee Ye Rin(played by ) to apologize to Choi Jin Sa(played by ).

After Joo Hee came back from Gi Sa’s bakery with her hands full of bread, she gave them to her coworkers. As she told them to put some of the bread in the refrigerator, one of them said it has been broken since last week. Joo Hee asked, “Does Ye Rin know that the refrigerator is broken?” And they replied, “Of course she does.”

Joo Hee called Ye Rin to her office and asked her about the refrigerator. Ye Rin quickly lied, “I’m sorry, mom! I didn’t know the refrigerator was broken. I lied after everything happened.” Joo Hee scolded her and took her to Jin Sa’s bakery to apologize.

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