Bride of the Century

Bride of the Century Episode 16

  1. sarah: wow

  2. cutie me: we had fun BOTC. . thank you for the mysteries and life threatening scenes. . :)

  3. ana lobes BOTC: I loved this show so much, i could not help myself to want to watch all the episodes all over…

  4. simplymeh13: thanks for the upload and sharing this for free...i always look forward with its episodes...but since it has already ended…

Bride of the Century Episode 12

  1. Raneem: Already saw it in another link sorry but i think you should've posted it already . Anyway good luck sarang

  2. Yahair: Best drama!!! OMG until next episode..ummm!!!

  3. Ela_rose: A bit rush in the end but i love it

  4. lisa: Huhu sad episode.. preview 13 even sadder

Bride of the Century Episode 9

  1. Lorelai: BEST DRAMA EVER


  3. Cambodia Nice: Please do not let her died, as it is all know about the evil gosh, should have something to protect…

  4. Nadzie: English subtitles, I'm waiting for you :) Urghh the torture of being a foreigner without foreign language skills *sigh*

  5. Gogol: Pls where ep 10 pls pls >_<

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Bride of the Century Episode 8

  1. Ela_rose: aigooooo, this tooooo much for me

  2. Mariam: Aigoo!I just watched both ep 7 & 8 without understanding anything!!I hope next week has happy episodes..

  3. Choi Estela: Me too.. I just can't stand to watched it late.. i can't for the subs.. I really need to understand…

  4. Gadiesst: I can't wait till it uploading with eng sub n trying to watch in raw but couldn't play at all

  5. xczxczxcz: czxczxczxczxczxczxczxczxczxc (:

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Bride of the Century Episode 6

  1. dramalover: omg first comment!!! love it!

  2. dramalover: eng sub.....

  3. Cambodia Nice: ស្រលាញ់រឿងនេះ mean love this drama waiting for English Sub.

  4. Butter: T^T Poor Kang-ju~ The irony... But I wonder if he will realize that the girl that he really loves is…

  5. Cupcake: This is soo good... Totally in love with Choi Kang Ju!!!!

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Bride of the Century Episode 3

  1. Konmtes Lop Lop: Why I can't watch it?

  2. kez: i can't get the sub-titles. how long do i have to wait...

  3. baamisop: soon my brother!! time can only tell

  4. Yai: Yah!, i am waiting for Ep3 eng sub too, it's along time, plsssssss, i think i will be have withdrawal…

  5. yai: I think i have to learn korean language if i want to up to date the series. Because eng sub…

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