The Heirs Episode 20

Episode 20

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    56862494.3상속자들 OST ( OST)
    Total: 6 songs
    Name Artist Time Price
      말이야 I’m Saying  Lee Hongki (이홍기)  3:50  
    Love Is… Park Jang Hyeon (박장현) & Park Hyeon Gyu (박현규) 3:36
      모먼트 Moment  ChangMin(창민)  4:04  
    In the Name of Love VIXX Ken (켄) 3:21
     두 사람 (Two Person)  Park Jang Hyun (박장현) [Bromance]  4:29  
    아랫입술 물고 (Biting My Lower Lip) sung by eSNa (에스나, 윤빛나라) 3:43

    • Hani

      This end is really disappointing :(

    • kimhyunmin

      so I’m not the only one who thought that,honestly this drama is not remarkable unlike BOF,Faith and City Hunters were LMH lead to

    • yjspanda

      please share sbs drama awards on 131231, we will get to see the heirs cast again. also please share drama awards for kbs (131231) & mbc (131230), entertainment awards for sbs (131230), mbc (131229), & kbs (131221). thank you.

    • coniinthegarden

      Completely agree. Although as a western girl I have a love/hate relationship with BOF, it is excellent in it’s “romantic comedy” layer, gives us some really wonderful intimate scenes between the protagonists, worthy of classics like “Pride and Prejudice.” Faith and City Hunter are practically flawless, although less entertaining on the “romantic comedy” level and perhaps this is why I haven’t watched them a seond time yet, but I will. Heirs as avlot of good points and i liked the characters but ultimately it’s boring.