The Heirs Episode 7 Review: Lee Min Ho Punches Kim Woo Bin

In , episode 7, Kim Tan(played by Lee Min Ho) punched Choi Young Do(played by ) on the face.

Tan, who was already mad that Young Do looked through Cha Eun Sang(played by Park Shin Hye)’s backpack, got even more mad when he saw Young Do making Joon Young(played by ) kneel down. Tan went up to Joon Young and said, “Did I bully you in the past? I’m sorry if I did. I’ll pay you back like this.” Just then, he punched Young Do’s face.

Tan said to Young Do, “Now I hit you, make me kneel down in front of you.” Just when Young Do was about to punch him back, a teacher came shouting, “What’s going on? Who started the fight?”

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