‘The King’s Dream’ Premiers On KBS With a Quality Start

‘The King’s Dream’, featuring , Kim Yoo-seok, Park Joo-mi, and Lee Yeong-a, has recorded a quality start to their broadcast with viewership ratings of 12.5%,

The first episode of the show featured the conflict between Choi Soo Jong and Kim Yoo-seok, and the young versions of the main characters. The show earned positive reviews with its first episode, with solid plot and storyline, the sheer presence of the leads Choi Soo Jong and Kim Yoo-seok, and the established acting of the child actors.

Choi Soo Jong showed his trademark charisma in his conflict with Kim Yoo-seok, adding yet another impressive title to his filmography. The child actors, coming into the scene after the opening sequences, have all showed solid acting skills, carrying on the impressions of the opening to the rest of the episode.

‘The King’s Dream’, marking the return of the authentic historicals, have showcased the beginnings of another well-made drama with exciting story and directions. The drama depicts the lives of the leaders of Silla Kingdom during the unification of the Three Kingdoms of Korea, with Kim Chunchu (Choi Soo Jong) of Silla as the main character of the drama. The drama, set to be broadcast for 80 episodes, will feature the heroics and the visions of the leaders during the unification of the Korean peninsular, and their conflicts and the sacrifices.

The second episode of the drama will be broadcast on 9th on 9:40 p.m.

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