The Wang Family shows gratifying characters and funny story

KBS 2TV’s new weekend drama The Wang Family is expected to be hit with its funny story and unique characters. The Wang Family (Written by Moon Yeong-nam, Directed by Jin Hyeong-wook) was premiered on August 31 staring great actors of all ages.
In the frist episode, funny story of an old couple, Wang Bong (Jang Yong) and Lee Ang-geum (Kim Hae-sook), and their family attracted viewers. Notably, stories of the third daughter and the youngest sun are consistently raising people’s expectations.
A former teacher Wang Gwang-park (Lee Yoon-ji), the third daughter, abruptly tendered her resignation, which made her mother, Lee Ang-geum really upset. The youngest sun, Wang Dae-bak (Choi Won-hong), going through puberty also dropped out of his school to riding a motor bike with the bad bikers.
The first daughter, Wang Soo-bak (Oh Hyun-kyeong), who has not known anything about her husband’s business, was shown really vain despite the life partner, Go Min-joong (Jo Seong-ha), having a hard time owing to his business, which made viewers predict an upcoming storm.
The second daughter, Wang Ho-bak (Lee Tae-ran), has been annoyed by the jobless husband Heo Se-dal (Oh Man-seok). The wife is working hard for her family and the husband just wants to get one shot at his life.
Lee Ang-geum and Ahn Gye-sim (Nah Moon-hee) offered another attraction such as mother in-low conflict between them. The old daughter-in-law said what she needed to say, which was easy for female viewers to identify with themselves.
The first episode of The Wang Family dealt with a theme close from reality and viewers could sympathize with every role in the drama. Its comical characters added some amusement to serious situation and event of the drama. Unlike Lee Soon-sin is the Best, which went off the air last weekend, it raised viewer’s expectations about its the unfolded story at a quick pace.
Romance will be created by Wang Gwang-park and Choi Sang-nam (Han Juwan) in the next episodes interests many viewers, although they have not met yet.
There were no provocative situations in The Wang Family, which is totally different to absurd stories of most of the drama. Instead, it created a consensus of viewers adding stories of everyday life and brought some smiles. It seems that it can be hit like My Husband Got a Family which showed gratifying characters and nice story.

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