Three Guys and Three Girls

Title: 남자셋 여자셋 /
Also known as: Guys and Girls (Arirang TV) / Three Men, Three Women
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 157
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 1996-Oct-21 to 1999-May-28
“Guys and Girls” is the first youth sitcom in Korea. Three guys — Shin Dong-yeop, Song Seung-hun and Hong Kyung-in; and three girls — Lee Ui-jung, Woo Hee-jin and Lee Jae-nee, live in the same university lodging house. Comedic adventures ensue as the group of six explores friendship and love. Lee Ui-jung, with her quirky hairstyle, is the star of the show as she leads the audience through her relationship with Song Seung-hyn’s character.
Song Seung Hun as Seung Hun
Lee Eui Jung as Eui Jeong
Shin Dong Yup as Dong Yeob
Woo Hee Jin as Hee Jin
Kim Jin as Jin
Lee Jenny as Jennie
Hong Kyung In as Kyung In
Lee Hwi Jae as Hwi Jae
Kim Yong Rim as grandmother
Kwon Hae Hyo as Hae Hyo (Cafe owner)
Lee Kyung Shil (이경실) as Professor Lee
Lee Sun Jung (이선정)
Hong Suk Chun

Im Chang Jung as Chang Jeong
Chae Jung Ahn as Jung Ahn (1996)
Park Ji Yoon as Ji Yoon (1997)
Kim Ji Yun
Jung Eun Chan
So Ji Sub
Choi Ji Woo
Yang Dong Geun
Choi Min Yong

Production Credits
Producer: Park Shin Sung (박신성)
Screenwriter: Kim Hyun Hee, Lee Sung Eun
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