When a Man Loves Episode 4 Review: Song Seung Hun & Shin Se Kyung’s Romantic Moments

In , episode 4, Han Tae Sang(played by ) and Seo Mi Do(played by ) had romantic moments together.

The two announced their relationship to Mi Do’s family. After dinner, they had a drink with Mi Do’s parents, and later the couple went out for a walk. While they were walking, the back of their hands touch each other’s, and the two twitched.

Mi Do then said, “What kind of man can’t even hold a girl’s hand.” Just then Tae Sang hugged her.

When they were about to say goodbye in front of a lamppost, Mi Do approached to him slowly as if she was going to kiss him, and Tae Sang closed his eyes expecting her lips on his. Then Mi Do said, “You’re going to fail the breathalyzer test.” Tae Sang, who was embarrassed, rubbed his eyes and said, “Haha.. I’m tired now.”

Source: OSEN

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