Witch Hunter in Hong Kong: Sung Si Kyung Says “Jo Yeo Jung and I Kissed Uncountable Times in Hong Kong”

In JTBC’s popular, adult TV show, , episode 78 aired on the 6th, the four MCs, , , and Heo Ji Woong went to Hong Kong.

Yoo and Heo paired up for shopping, while Shin and Sung went off for sightseeing.

While walking around Soho, Sung said, “I shot a music video with lots of kissing scenes here in Hong Kong. Jo Yeo Jung and I held hands and walked around the streets like a couple. I remember her and I kissing nonstop street after street.”

Then Sung approached Shin as he was about to kiss him. Shin was startled and immediately pushed him away.

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  • Dubiaku

    Well, what do you expect? Being out on thee street didn’t give him much time to brush his teeth.