Wonderful Days Episode 15 Review: Kim Ji Ho Apologizes to Lee Seo Jin for Liking Him

In , episode 15, Kang Dong Ok(played by ) apologized to Kang Dong Suk(played by ) for liking him.

Dong Suk came home from work, when he found Dong Ok asleep in front of the gate waiting for him. He remembered his grandfather telling him that Dong Ok liked him and hesitated, but soon he woke her up.

Dong Ok handed Dong Suk a candy and said, “I’m sorry, Dong Suk. You got told off by grandpa because of me, didn’t you? So did mom.” She continued, “I didn’t know that I shouldn’t be liking you. Now I know so I won’t like you anymore. Really! I swear!”

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  • Susan

    So innocent….

  • Pinky Tuss

    That’s cute.