Yoo Seung Ho Romances Park Shin Hye in So Ji Sub Rap MV for Eraser

This might be the last thing we see in before he enlists in the military so savor it while you can. His enlistment is imminent and his agent has said that it will be low key and not open to the media.

On one hand I respect his decision to enlist like every other 19 year old Korean male going off to the army, on the other hand, I selfishly want to see my baby boy off. sure moves fast when it comes to his singing career – two weeks ago came word he was releasing a rap mini-album and had lined up his mini-me Yoo Seung Ho and talented young starlet Park Shin Hye to star in his MV (and make it into a mini-movie of sorts).

Last week came the first behind-the-scenes pics, and this week the MV for “” drops hot and delicious right into my lap. So Ji Sub’s last rap foray was the endlessly mockable “Pick Up Line”, but I must say “” is pretty damn good. Great beat, solid rapping, and the song becomes infinitely better when you listen to it while watching Yoo Seung Ho romancing Park Shin Hye onscreen.

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