Yoon Min Soo’s Son Yoon Hoo Becomes The Advertising Industry’s Next Wonderkid

Yoon Min Soo's Son Yoon Hoo Becomes The Advertising Industry's Next Wonderkid

Singer Yoon Min-soo’s son has captured the eyes of the advertising and entertainment industry with his appearance in the MBC ‘Where Are You Going, Dad?’.

Earning much appreciation and acclaim for his cute and unpretentious appearance and demeanor, the young Hoo has recently received much request for product sponsorship and advertisement. While his father Yoon Min-soo is already an acclaimed vocalist with a great following, his son’s popularity has led some to comment on the singer’s ‘renaissance’.

Hoo’s so-called ‘eating broadcast’ has also gained much cult following, a collection of scenes from the broadcast showing the young boy digging into his food with relish. His ‘eating broadcast’ has also been compared favorably with the legend Ha Jung-woo’s ‘eating broadcast’, who has earned acclaim both of his excellent acting skills and his equally astonishing relish in eating scenes.

Yoon Hoo and Yoon Min-soo has earned much acclaim in the music industry as well. When Yoon Min-soo’s management has revealed of Hoo’s baby talk featuring in Yoon Min-soo’s song ‘My Angel’, the song skyrocketed to the top 50 of the Melon charts. Being a song from 3 years ago, the incident is quite an unprecedented one.

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