Yoon Se-ah and Julien Kang Enters ‘We Got Married’ Village

MBC’s ‘’ has recently featured the ‘ Village’ for its fourth season.

The developers of the show has commented on 31st that the show will feature the ‘We Got Married Village’, where all participating couples in the show live together.

The developers have commented, “the couples in the show so far has only met for special programs, and the show has not featured much inter-couple meetings” and “we aim to make the episodes more varied and flavorful with them living together in ‘We Got Married Village’”.

Yoon Se-ah and Julien Kang couple is the first to join the village, and has reportedly expressed surprise at the tasteful decor of the house, the pool, and the garden.

The ‘We Got Married Village’ will be revealed on September 1st.

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