“You Who Came from the Stars” Official Sound Tracks (OST) still hit the charts; Kim Soo Hyun’s version of “Promise” to be released


Fans and loyal viewers of the SBS drama , despite the fact that it had already ended last February 27, don’t seem to recover from the so called “You-Who-Came-from-the-Stars Syndrome”. Fans and supporters still can’t get over the “Alien Couple”, Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi. Moreover, the drama’s OSTs still, surprisingly, hit the charts and are downloaded by users around the globe. You Who Came from the Stars remains on its popularity peak and keeps on going since it ended.

On March 11, based on one of Korea’s largest music site, Melon, You Who Came from the Stars OSTs Every Moment of You by and ’s Hello are consistently on top 10. ’s Tears like Today, Kim Soo Hyun’s In Front of Your House and ’s My Destiny have been on and off within the top 10-30 music hits as well as with ’s Like a Star and ’s You Who Came from the Stars which are also still in the top ranks.


However, the consistent rankings affect the other KPOP singer groups’ newly released songs. Girls’ Generation made their comeback on the 24th of February with their single Mr.Mr alongside 2NE1’s comeback single made it to the top 10 pushing Sung Si Kyung’s Every Moment of You out of the top 10. But, it actually didn’t last long. A few hours later, Sung Si Kyung’s Every Moment of You was pulled back on its rank within the top 10 as well as with Hyorin’s Hello.

The drama You Who Came from the Stars has become tremendously a hit all over Asia and across countries. Its OSTs have also become widely popular in the different parts of the globe and at the same time, threats to all the other newly released songs. The drama’s popularity has also strengthened the OST singers’ career in the music industry– Lyn, Sung Si Kyung, Hyorin, Huh Gak, K.Will, Younha.

Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun’s agency Keyeast announced on March 11th that Kim Soo Hyun’s serenade to Jun Ji Hyun on the 19th Episode of You Who Came from the Stars, titled Promise will be put on record as well. Kim Soo Hyun’s version of the song Promise will be released on March 13.

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