You Who Came from the Stars: Simple yet ingenious ending


Do Min (Kim Soo Hyun) Joon didn’t care much about how the time would pass and what each moment would be. But when he met , every moment seemed to be very precious making each time fly very fast.

It’s been like just a couple of months when Do Min Joon waits for his departure. The 400th year have come now. A UFO has been spotted from the sky. This is the day Do Min Joon had been waiting for so many years – the day where he would return to his own world.

Though Do Min Joon waited for many years for this day to come, he seemed not to be pleased and delightful for he knows he would leave Cheon Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun) behind. As he slowly feels that he’d be gone anytime, Do Min Joon bids his farewell to Cheon Song Yi and told her that she would do anything just to come back. But if he couldn’t find a way, he told her just to forget everything. Cheon Song Yi bursted out to tears and when she was about to bid her last goodbye, Do Min Joon disappeared.

Viewers have gone through many speculations about how the SBS drama would end. As the drama ended on February 27, some viewers seemed to be very satisfied with the ending and some were not.

Do Min Joon was able to stay on earth for 400 years and such things like love and friendship were some of the factors he promised himself not be involved with. He was able to abide to this rule quite well not until, 3 months before he would leave, he met Cheon Song Yi, the one who changed his life forever. Fate had brought them together.  With his amazing and unbelievable power and capabilities, he would do anything just to save Cheon Song Yi in every danger and even on the hands of the evil psychopath, Lee Jae Kyung.

On the episode finale, it was revealed that Do Min Joon was able to come back to earth, through a wormhole, after 3 years. He did come back but it wasn’t for good. He comes back but could only stay for a short time. He was not able to linger for long and disappears again. But every time he comes back, he could stay much longer than before like a couple of months to years. Cheon Song Yi felt such bliss knowing she could stay with Do Min Joon again though not as long as she wants to. As for her, it was very difficult but that makes her love Do Min Joon more and she was able to make each and every moment precious.

Does this imply as a sad ending? Not indeed.

The ending was quite simple yet ingenious. Though viewers expect Do Min Joon to stay or humanize on earth, the ending is quite reasonable and much closer to the storyline’s reality.

As Cheon Song Yi sat beside Do Min Joon, she uttered the words, “I am perfectly happy.” But Do Min Joon disappeared. Cheon Song Yi somehow felt sad about it. But the next morning, as soon as she woke up and opened her eyes, Do Min Joon was right there lying beside here and said, “I am home.”

Do Min Joon found a way to reunite and to stay with Cheon Song Yi. Cheon Song Yi felt perfectly happy now she knew Do Min Joon lingers by her side again. She could touch, hug and kiss him once again. Most especially, they could keep their love forever.

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