You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin Episode 20 Review: Jo Jung Suk Chooses IU Over Kim Yoon Seo Once Again

In You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin, episode 20, Shin Joon Ho(played by ) once again chose Lee Soon Shin(played by ) over Choi Yeon Ah(played by ).

As Joon Ho kept looking for Soon Shin, Yeon Ah said, “Soon Shin found out everything. About our bet. You thought she would have never known? You can’t clean up after her forever.”

Joon Ho was flustered and tried to go to Soon Shin. Just then, Yeon Ah held his wrist and said, “Don’t go. If you go now, I’m not going to see you ever again.” However, Joon Ho shook off her hand and left.

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