You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin Episode 32 Review: Lee Mi Sook Tells IU “You’re Not Your Father’s Daughter”

In You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin, episode 32, Song Mi Ryung(played by ) told Lee Soon Shin(played by ) that she was not Lee Chang Hoon(played by )’s daughter.

Mi Ryung called Soon Shin to her house to have a drink together. However, not long after it started, Soon Shin prepared to go home. As she said, “My mom’s sick,” Mi Ryung yelled, “Mom, mom, mom. Can’t you call me ‘mom’ just for once?”

Soon Shin was about to leave, when Mi Ryung said, “Wait. You have nothing to do with that family. You don’t share not even one drop of blood with that family. You’re not your father’s daughter. Understand? You’re not Lee Chang Hoon’s daughter. So you don’t need to go to that house anymore.”

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