You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin Episode 6 Review: IU Cries Over Father’s Last Gift

In You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin, episode 6, Lee Soon Shin(played by ) cried when she saw her father’s last birthday cake for her.

Lee Hye Shin(played by ) picked up a cake Lee Chang Hoon(played by ) ordered before he died. Hye Shin was looking through Chang Hoon’s phone, when she found text messages about the cake. So she went to the bakery on the way home to pick it up.

Later at home, Hye Shin gave Soon Shin the cake and said, “It’s a bit late, but this is your birthday cake father ordered for you.” Soon Shin looked at the phrase, ‘You’re The Best, My Daughter’, and the letter, and teared up.

On the letter, it was written, “Happy Birthday, Soon Shin. I’m sorry this clumsy dad forgot your birthday. I know it’s late, but Happy Birthday. You know how precious you are to me, right? You, yourself is special and precious. You’re the best, my daughter. You’re the best, Lee Soon Shin.”

Just then, Lee Yoo Shin(played by Yoo In Na) came home and joined them. Kim Jung Ae(played by ) said, “This is a gift your father gave you to stop being tormented and live well.”

The three sisters teared up by looking at the phrase, ‘You’re The Best, My Daughter’.

Source: Newsen

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